Technical Tuesday :: Wedding + Event Design Lighting Terminology { Savannah Wedding Planner }

As Summer heats up so does the wedding calendar in many places, but what some might not realize is that in the southeastern part of the country we’re starting to slow down since it’s just too darn hot to do anything.  But our slower event calendar does allow us to plan ahead with many of our Fall and Spring brides.  While putting together design plans and attending meetings, we realized that we use several terms that are wedding + event design specific, sometimes leaving our clients quite puzzled.  So this Technical Tuesday we’re sharing with you the different types of lighting that one might see us use in our design plans and hear us reference.


T W I N K L E  L I G H T S

Twinkle Lights

Twinkle Light Strand

Twinkle lights are what might be more commonly called Christmas lights.  They have a smaller bulb and provide a twinkling effect.  They can be used in the top of tents or strewn in bushes or wrapped around trees for a magical look.  They tend to be the least expensive of the lighting options.

C A F E  L I G H T S

Cafe Light Single Strand

Cafe Light Strand


Picture these lights hanging outside of a sweet little Parisian cafe.  They have a bigger bulb than twinkle lights and the bulb is more round in shape.  They come in clear as well as various frosted glazes.  This option looks simply spectacular spanning the tops of tents or open outdoor areas where you need to provide some ambient lighting.  While cafe lights are slightly more expensive than twinkle lights, they tend to provide the same amount of light as lots of twinkle lights, so the cost tends to even out.

E D I S O N  O R  O L D  F A S H I O N E D  L I G H T S

Edison Light Bulb

Edison Light Bulb Strand

Lastly, we’re sharing with you Edison or Old Fashioned Lights.  These lights get their name from their unique bulbs, where you can see the filament detail inside (much like the ones originally created by Thomas Edison).  This lighting is so unique and can be a beautiful accent or detail to an event.  We suggest using them in areas where they can be easily seen by guests for their special beauty.  This tends to be the most expensive option in lighting, but it certainly creates the most perfect glow for special areas of your event that you want to call attention to.

Edison or Old Fashioned Light bulbs also come in a variety of different, interesting shapes.  Here are just a few to provide you an idea of the options.

Edison Bulb Types-1

Check back to our blog for future Technical Tuesday posts and for more information on wedding + event terminology.

xx, Devany and the ladies of your favorite Savannah Wedding Planner :: Design Studio South

Technical Tuesday :: Wedding Inspiration Beyond Pinterest { Savannah Wedding Planner }
Good afternoon, y’all!
Today’s topic is near and dear to our hearts, as Pinterest can get overwhelming {not to mention boring}  for brides and their planners alike. Following is a list of our top picks for print + web inspiration by bridal publications that do not necessarily involve Pinterest: 

savannah wedding planner

  Magnolia Rouge {online publication}


savannah wedding planner

Southern Weddings Magazine {print + online publication}


savannah wedding planner

Snippet and Ink {online publication}


savannah wedding planner

 Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine {print + online  publication}


savannah wedding planner

OnceWed {print + online publication}


savannah wedding planner

Weddings Unveiled {print + online publication}


Do you have any favorite suggestions of your own to add?
Let us know in the comments!
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Technical Tuesday :: Engagement Photo Sesh Attire { Savannah Wedding Planner }
Good afternoon, y’all!
Today’s post is all about what to wear for your Engagement Session. Commonly tacked onto your photographer’s wedding packages, an engagement session is a fantastic idea. Not only does it give you and your fiancé non-wedding related professional photos to display in your home or include in your wedding, but it also gives you a chance to get to know your photographer and get comfortable in front of the camera if you aren’t used to being photographed.
While you should strive for your own perfect mix of comfort and polished style, we have selected a few looks from this great article that epitomize the perfect engagement session outfits.

savannah wedding planner

We love a neutral or black top with a full skirt. Color-blocking has never looked more refined than it does here paired with the perfect heel and rich, royal blue skirt.

savannah wedding planner

For the unabashedly girly-girl, a light pink dress adorned with a bow and pearl earrings is as classic as it gets.

savannah wedding planner

Don’t be afraid to wear all white in advance of your big day! Your engagement shoot is another way to express your bridal style. We love this edgy white leather jacket over a raw-hem linen dress with the dramatic impact of a monochromatic crop top and high-waisted trousers.  

savannah wedding planner

A sleek tuxedo jumpsuit is the ideal one-and-done outfit for a Parisian-inspired shoot {and for those of y’all who aren’t crazy about dresses}. Bonus points if the backdrop for your photos happens to be the actual Eiffel Tower!
For the original post and links to shop the looks mentioned in the post, click here.
Feeling inspired? Let us know in the comments here or on our Facebook page!  
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Technical Tuesday :: Technology at your Wedding { Savannah Wedding Planner }
Good afternoon, world!
Today we’re talking about something that you either love or hate: technology {mainly cell phones taking photos or videos} during your wedding ceremony and/or reception. Is it a do, or is it a don’t? Like most things in life, it truly depends on the individual.

savannah wedding planner

{image  by Marvelous Things Photography via Heart Love Weddings}
If you are a fiend for tech or if you didn’t hire a pro photographer for some reason, crowd-sourcing photos and videos of your nuptials is easier than ever with a custom hashtag {be sure to check before establishing one that yours isn’t already in use by another couple!} for Facebook/Instagram/Twitter posts. For a super casual ceremony, you can print it directly on programs or write it on a cute chalkboard/mirror/old window {you know the type, Pinterest-lovers!} for display.
If, on the other hand, yours is a formal ceremony or in a place of worship {where most photography is either expressly forbidden or severely restricted}, or if you truly just want the focus to be on full “in-the-moment” participation from your guests, there are perfectly tactful ways to restrict  guests’ technology use at your wedding. Start with forewarning guests of your wishes on your wedding website with a nice note under the “ceremony” tab, and reinforce the message with a special note on the back of programs or at the entrance to the ceremony. You could even go so far as to have an attractive tuxedoed attendant whisk away phones and cameras at a “tech check” {akin to a coat check} for return upon conclusion of the ceremony – it’s up to you.
Questions, comments or input? Feel free to leave it here or on our Facebook page – we’d love to hear from you!
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Technical Tuesday :: Easy Party Nibbles + Sips Calculator { Savannah Wedding Planner }
Good afternoon, y’all!
Whether you’re hosting a party for the “Big Game” {I think we all know what that means: the puppy bowl, obviously} this weekend or a friend’s bridal/baby shower or a major holiday in your newlywed home  determining how much food and drink you need can be tricky. Leftovers are amazing, but you don’t want them taking up all of the precious real estate in your fridge for a week, and we can’t even imagine the horror of running out of food mid-event.
Enter: this nifty chart. Pin this one for later, y’all – you’ll need it at some point!

savannah wedding planner

xx, Jennifer and the ladies of your favorite Savannah Wedding Planner :: Design Studio South :
the planner to end all planners { Savannah Wedding Planner }
Good afternoon, y’all!
Whether you’re a sorority girl with an SEC alma mater who prefers Lilly Pulitzer day-planners or a lady who loves the quirky-chic vibe of a Kate Spade planner, you absolutely must have a special place dedicated to organizing all of your wedding planning-related details {even if you have a full-service planner, this is helpful!}.
Enter: The Southern Weddings Planner.
savannah wedding planner
The ladies of Southern Weddings sum it up best on their website:

“From the “First Steps After Getting Engaged” to the “Anniversary Gift Guide,” this planner encourages brides to plan marriages more beautiful than their weddings, but also gives them the tools to feel confident and equipped throughout their engagements. True to the mission of Southern Weddings, it includes a special “Marriage Planning” section that will help couples begin married life in a joyful and intentional way.”

savannah wedding planner
savannah wedding planner
While it is amazingly tabbed-out with everything from your first steps after getting engaged to sticky subjects like determining your budget to picking out your bouquet, the best feature of this planner is its emphasis on your marriage. Weddings are fun, but they only last a day – your marriage lasts forever!
savannah wedding planner
Are you getting married? Do you have a planner yet? Let us know in the comments!
xx, Jennifer and the ladies of your favorite Savannah Wedding Planner :: Design Studio South :
Technical Tuesday :: Rad New Photo Booth Option { Savannah Wedding Planner }
Good afternoon, y’all!
It’s no news that while a professional wedding photographer is a fantastic addition to any wedding, it’s nearly impossible for even two photographers to capture images of every single wedding attendee and funny moment that happens during the average 4-6 hour span of the reception. Enter: the photo booth! While there are a zillion ways of setting one up, from DIY polaroid stations {using a camera like the instaxmini} to massive professional booth set-ups, we are particularly enamored of the design simplicity and instant-share features of this lovely from amigo booth:

savannah wedding planner


Not only is it free-standing and chic, it also allows for a variety of fun custom backdrops and secures all of your photos on an online server for your viewing pleasure any time and anywhere you have an internet connection. Check it out!
xx, Jennifer and the ladies of your favorite Savannah Wedding Planner :: Design Studio South :
Technical Tuesday :: You’re Engaged!…Now Who To Tell First ( Savannah Wedding Planner )
Congrats – you’re engaged! But who do you tell first? What’s the most appropriate way to break the big news?
{via brit + co}

{via brit + co}

Let’s consider what the pros over at TheKnot have to say on the subject:
On who should find out first:
“If either of you has children from a previous marriage, they should be the first to know — even before your mom and pop. They’re the ones who are getting a new stepparent (and maybe a stepsibling or two), and they’ll need time to get comfortable with the idea. Give your kids lots of undivided attention: The two of you should have a one-on-one-on-one with each child.”
“Traditionally, your parents are the first to know and, if you want to get technical, the bride’s parents have first dibs on the news.”
On how to do it:
“… organize a fun stepfamily outing (picnic, bike trip, or movie and dinner) — you might find that the old saying “the more, the merrier” is right on target. If not, give it time. Ex-spouses can wait — your kids shouldn’t hear the news from them first.”
“How you tell them [parents] depends on how well your parents know your mate’s parents, how well they know your new fiance, and whether they will be ecstatic or dismayed.”
Check out the full article here and let us know what your thoughts are in the comments! How did you break the happy news?
Have a fantastic evening, y’all!
xx, Jennifer
Technical Tuesday :: Choosing Your Wedding Website ( Savannah Wedding Planner )
Good afternoon, loves!
Today I am tackling a particularly overwhelming yet ultimately life-saving aspect of wedding planning: the wedding website. These beauts can handle some of the most frustrating aspects of planning, including RSVP management and information dissemination to guests. Rather than attempting to squeeze details onto a tiny Save-the-Date postcard or adding pages to your already-elaborate wedding invitation suite, you can set up a wedding website {with a custom domain name, of course} and type away to your heart’s content.
All of the below examples are alike in their inclusion of said custom domain name, unique mobile/tablet/desktop formatting {a lifesaver for procrastinating guests who don’t check wedding event details until an hour before they are supposed to show up and so naturally need your site to show up properly on their iPhone!} and fantastic 24/7 customer service.  The only true differences lie in cost and available designs {for example, Squarespace’s format does not include an RSVP tracker}.
1 :: Riley & Grey : $35/month or $240/year; high-end, modern design layouts – think black & white  Kate Spade mixed with Chanel.

riley and grey

2 :: Squarespace : {14-day free trial}; packages range from $8-30/month; simple, clean design – think the Gap with a touch of lululemon.



3 :: Sitting in a Tree : {10-day free trial}; $25/month or $125/year; modern, preppy designs  – think J. Crew mixed with a touch of Lilly.

sitting in a tree

My best advice would be to test out the two that offer free trials, see which has features you really love with a design that speaks to you, and choose whichever is the best fit. If you are in love with the Riley & Grey website designs and absolutely must have it for your wedding website, go with it!
Have a fabulous day, y’all!
xx, Jennifer



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